I am a LPN and have had the pleasure of woking for an awesome nursing agency called CWG. I heard about them while working for another nursing agency and the news was so good that I left my nursing agency and joined theirs! The good news is: 1)They are a family and you can fit in 2)Yes, patients and their fmily come first, but you have a voice 3)You are rewarded with the knowledge that you add to the company 4)They work with you. I left work altogether for a while, but when itwas time to start again the choice was CWG...professionalism at its best!!
Marilyn P. Simmons, LPN
I am a registered nurse and have the pleasure of working with CWG for the last five years. I can truly say that the agency is very reputable and has a very experienced and professional staff. They are very fair with their assignments and try to keep their nurses busy. Once they have your availability they are able to give you a schedule in advance so that you can plan your time, especially those with children and grandchildren. I am always referring nurses, most of whom are my friends for many years. I highly recommend CWG.
Thelma Burton

The people at CWG are friendly and really care if you are working. They go the extra mile to see what they have for you. You make good money and get paid weekly.The staff has always been very nice and helpful. I never feel pressured to work when i dont want to. I am very happy with CWG!
Karyn Steele

As a nurse at CWG, my experience has always been positive. The staff is supportive and all concerns are dealt with in a timely manner. A family atmosphere encourages nurses to to reach their full potential while doing their assignments with dedication. In my years at CWG, I always feel valued and respected. Either you are looking for care or a career, I would recommend CWG.
C. Lapointe, LPN

has received many Certificates of Appreciation for their hard work and commitment.

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